The final of the Concacaf that Chivas lost by abandonment

Chivas de Guadalajara was a two-time Concacaf Champions League champion. However, it could have been four, since two other times, he was eliminated from the final by default.

Concacaf Champions League trophy
Concacaf Champions League trophy

There was a time when the Concachampions did not enjoy the prestige that Chivas came to covet and did not deliver a ticket to the Club World Cup. At that time, the tournament was in its first editions and had another name: the Concacaf Champions Cup, which was born in 1962 and whose first monarch was precisely the Sacred Flock.

From the mid-1950s and into the 1960s, the two most important confederations in the world, UEFA and Conmebol, formalized their international club tournaments through the Champions League and the Libertadores respectively. Central and North America did not want to be left behind, they merged and founded Concacaf.

Then the area's Champions Cup emerged, which emanated from the precursor of this competition: the Central American, Caribbean and Mexican Championship, unofficial for FIFA, which was won by Guadalajara in its first version in 1959.

For the year 1962, the Guadalajara cadre defeated the Guatemalan Communications and obtained its only international award. 12 months later, in the 63rd match, the Rojiblancos tried to defend their title against Racing de Haiti. 

Chivas: The first time they were eliminated by default

It was in that definition of 1963, that Chivas was eliminated for the first time by abandonment. This was because the duel was rescheduled up to three times. First, because Haitians did not issue their passports. Given this, Chivas filed a protest with Concacaf, which initially agreed with him. His opponents later appealed and the governing body decided that it should take place in April 1964.

However, with the comings and goings, the Mexicans traveled to Europe for a tour that included 10 friendlies in five countries against rivals such as Barcelona, Sevilla, Lille, Standard Lieja or Werder Bremen. For this reason they did not appear and the Concacaf entity ruled in favor of Racing.

Chivas: The second and list time they were eliminated by default

Something similar happened in 1984. Chivas had to settle for the runner-up, since it did not reach an agreement of dates with the Freedom of New York. Concacaf eliminated both and Violette from Haiti celebrated in style.

Chivas: How many times did they won the tournament?

Chivas of Guadalajara managed to win the most important title in the region, the Concacaf Champions League, on two occasions: 1962 and 2018.

Chivas: What was the last time they won the tournament?

In 2018, those led by Matías Almeyda achieved glory, ending one of the longest malaria in the world in terms of international droughts, by winning the Concacaf tournament and playing the Club World Cup.

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