Reinforcements of PSG 2021/2022: the player that Messi asked to hire has already signed in Pochettino's team

Paris Saint-Germain put together an all-star team at the last minute, PSG added Nuno Mendes from Sporting, below, all about the end of the transfer window. 

Nuno Mendes: Paris Saint-Germain 2021/22
Nuno Mendes: Paris Saint-Germain 2021/22

Paris Saint-Germain put together an all-star team before the end of the transfer window Messi's team reached an agreement with Sporting Lisbon to add left back Nuno Mendes, who will arrive on loan with an option to buy for around 40 million euros.

In this way, PSG reinforces one of the positions that were not so well covered in the team. Nuno Mendes is only 19 years old and is shaping up to be one of the best Portuguese fullbacks in the near future. He was also wanted by Manchester City. But that's not all... In the middle of this negotiation, the Spaniard Pablo Sarabia, with no place in Mauricio Pochettino's team, would go on loan free of charge to the Portuguese club, where he will seek continuity to reach the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The amount of the loan will not be free, but will have a value of 7 million. The signing was made official after 7 p.m., after the close of the transfer window. The Portuguese player is 19 years old and plays in the left-back position. He made his debut in Sporting in 2020 and from then on he played 47 matches and scored 1 goal.

In addition, he won the Portuguese League Cup, Primeira Liga and Portuguese Super Cup (all this year). As for the Portugal national team, he had his debut on March 24, 2021; after that, he played 5 matches and did not score any goals. Nuno Mendes' soccer life has just begun and, if the transfer to PSG is confirmed, it will be a very important challenge for his career.

Pablo Sarabia: the key to Nuno Mendes' arrival at PSG

Pablo Sarabia arrives at Sporting Portugal on loan from PSG. The Madrid-born player, who is currently in training with the national team, had as a priority to play in the Champions League.

In a very complicated market due to salary limits, because the player had the interest of a handful of teams, Sporting's option convinces him. Pablo arrives to the champion of the Portuguese league, will play Champions League in a group with Borussia, Ajax and Besiktas and has the desire of his coach, Rúben Amorim, to have him under his orders. There he will play alongside Spaniards Adán and Pedro Porro.

Despite the interest of other clubs such as Atlético, Real Sociedad or Milan, among others, the different market circumstances (many of them related to salary limits) have led to this move for a Sarabia who has very clear his approach for this season, playing in a team that aspires to everything in his league and keep listening to the music of the Champions League to keep his place in the national team.

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