Fans left Old Trafford: how will it affect the revenue of Manchester United?

Manchester United fans were seen trooping out of Old Trafford as early as the first half, see how it could affect the club's revenues.  

Empty Old Trafford seats
Empty Old Trafford seats

To say Manchester United's loss to Liverpool was disastrous would be an understatement, it was everything negative for the club and it would have long term consequences on the club in sporting merit and in terms of finances.

Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium has a capacity of almost 80,000 and the club reportedly generates around £100m from matchday sales of tickets and other collectibles, with the departure of fans and likely boycott of games henceforth, the clubs finances may be hard hit.

The United faithfuls in the same fixture last season had a Glazers Out protest at Old Trafford and broke onto the pitch leading to the match to be first suspended for later hours and eventually postponed. Though a similar incident did not occur this time, it could be the turning point of a different form of protest.

The fans began leaving the stadium after the fourth goal was scored in the 43rd minute and United were down miserably at half time. For many of the fans who left, there was no much difference, just Liverpool adding a fifth goal and kicking the ball around like a training routine and a Paul Pogba red card.

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