Is a legal vacuum open? What can Barcelona do and what not with Messi without a contract

By Alexis Almosnino

Is a legal vacuum open? What can Barcelona do and what not with Messi without a contract

The day no one believed is here. Barcelona and Lionel Messi will be without a contract that join them as of 00.00 on Thursday, July 1, being the first time this has happened since their arrival at the institution in 2003.

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In just a few hours everything will change in the world of football and especially in Barcelona, cause Lionel Messi and the Blaugrana team will not have a legal bond that unites them, and beyond the emotional consequences that this may bring to the club, player or hobby -at least until they renew-, there are also legal consequences that Joan Laporta and company are very clear about.

The truth is that Lionel Messi is not even in Spain, since he is playing the Copa América with the Argentine National Team, and this may come to play against thinking about the renewal. Legally speaking, Lionel Messi becomes the owner of his pass, and if he wishes, he can sign tomorrow, even with his beloved Newell's, without the Catalans being able to do anything at all.

Regarding injuries. The club will not be able to cover the player with its insurance. That is, if on Saturday against Ecuador in the quarterfinals of the Copa América, the Argentine is injured, the Argentine Federation will have to see for him. In terms of images, Barcelona can not use the image of Messi with the new shirt or anything that is from the future season. Also, do not sell clothing with the name of Leo in any official store.

What the club can do is to continue using the image of Leo with the shirt from other seasons, both on the web, as well as in networks and promotional activities. Regarding Messi's role with Argentina, Barcelona can use images and content of Leo in the Copa América with his team. Finally, you will be able to keep Messi's image and name on the entity's official website as a Barça player. However, there are still some questions to be resolved, such as knowing what will happen to the sponsors.


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