Chivas Guadalajara transfers 2021: signigns, news, ins and outs of football players

Víctor Manuel Vucetich will continue as coach at Chivas next season and is already planning what the team will be

By Mauricio Saenz

Víctor Manuel Vucetich will continue as coach at Chivas next season and is already planning what the team will be
Víctor Manuel Vucetich will continue as coach at Chivas next season and is already planning what the team will be
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After the end of the Liga MX Guardians 2021 tournament, Chivas Guadalajara's already thinking about what the next season will be. For it, there will be a lot of pressure on the board, the coaching staff and the players, since they are forced to fight for the title and a new failure for the Rojiblanca fans' inadmissible. Although the club is not going through its financial prime, it's expected that there will be some interesting moves in the looming transfer market. 

Transfer rumors for Chivas

Héctor Moreno: The central defender will not continue in Qatar's football and therefore enters the list of elements that could well help the Rebaño Sagrado in the Apertura 2021. The problem would be to negotiate the high salary he receives, since versions indicate that he earns around two million dollars annually.

Efraín Álvarez: The 18-year-old midfielder who works for the Los Angeles Galaxy's of interest to the board. There's a clear problem with signing him: his pass has a value of 12 million dollars, an unattainable figure at the moment for Chivas. For that reason, he would seek a loan assignment to be able to contract it for 6 months or 1 year. At the moment, the American club has not received any calls.

Vladimir Moragrega: the 22-year-old attacker ends his relationship with Atlante and several sources assured that Chivas was interested in his file. Even that he had already contacted the player.

Néstor Araujo: it's a reality that Chivas' interested in Néstor Araujo's pass to prioritize the defense for next season. The board of directors has already got to work and stands as one of the main interested teams to sign him. However, the money could complicate his arrival in Guadalajara.

Rumors of casualties for Chivas

José Juan Macías: the center forward has one foot outside Guadalajara, as he's publicly known. Thanks to his enormous potential, he has raised the interest of different teams from abroad and could leave the institution in this market. From Major League Soccer and Russian football they have already set their sights on his pass, although he wants to play in the main leagues in Europe. Betis could be an option.

Cristian Calderón: after a championship without continuity, minutes or prominence, Chicote has the great opportunity to leave Chivas in the summer. According to different portals, the left-back's wanted by Rayados and Tigres UANL, both Regiomontanos clubs. In addition, it is rumored that he could return to Necaxa to pay off the debt owed by the Rebaño.

Fernando Beltrán: another game that had less prominence than expected. He was never a starter for Víctor Manuel Vucetich, which is why he would seek to leave in the incoming market. In the last hours, a journalist from TV Azteca confirmed that he will go to Necaxa on loan assignment. Other media, however, suggest that he will enter into the negotiation for Erick Aguirre.

Alejandro Mayorga: the left back would be one of those "sacrificed" by Vucetich for the signing of Erick Aguirre. He didn't add many minutes in the last championship and is considered the third in the position, behind Calderón and Ponce.

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