Bartomeu in the spotlight again: An audit in Barcelona reveals exorbitant wage bill, and total economic lack of control

During Bartomeu's time at Barcelona, the salary bill increased by 61%, management expenses by 56% and financial costs by 600%.

Josep Bartomeu
Josep Bartomeu

The audit commissioned by FC Barcelona reveals lack of control and improvisation in the day to day management of the club and the transfer policy in the stage of Josep Maria Bartomeu, whose management shot up the wage bill by 61% in three years and left a debt 1,350 million until March, including future commitments.

The general director of the club, Ferran Reverter, has explained that in parallel to this audit, the institution has commissioned a thorough investigation of the operation of Barcelona, which should be ready in the coming days or weeks.

The audit reveals serious management deficiencies on the part of the previous Board of Directors, in whose mandate the salary mass was increased by 61% in three years (from 471 to 759 million euros), 56% of the expenses of management and 600% financial costs.

The audit commissioned confirms that the signings were made at high prices and including clauses that triggered salary costs, such as bonuses for the end of contracts. And Reverter has pointed out that, had it not acted, the salary mass in the 2021-22 season would have amounted to 835 million, 108% above recurring income.

On the other hand, Reverter has confirmed that the club plans to close the 2021-2022 season with 5 million benefits, and that the 2020-2021 financial year ended with 481 million losses due to having entered 631 million and having had expenses of 1,136 million.

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