Barcelona celebrates: they file a complaint against Messi and his Foundation for fraud

By Alexis Almosnino

Barcelona celebrates: they file a complaint against Messi and his Foundation for fraud

The alleged crimes against the Treasury were one of the reasons why Leo had thought of leaving Barcelona. Finally, and after a long investigation, everything came to nothing.

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The news that FC Barcelona expected to advance with Leo. The judge of the National Court María Tardón has filed the complaint filed by an individual against the player Lionel Messi, several members of his family and his foundation for alleged crimes against the public Treasury, accounting, fraud and money laundering.

In an order, the magistrate points out that after a “particularly complex and exhaustive investigation” of almost two years, the existence of any criminal activity on the part of the accused has not been proven, as reported by the Prosecutor's Office in its request for dismissal.

Specifically, it does not appreciate that the Leo Messi Foundation was a mere instrument used by the accused to divert and hide funds to avoid paying the corresponding taxes and incorporate them into their assets, as the complainant, Federico Rettori, claimed.

It adds that the use of bank accounts to hide the true owner of assets or the use of concepts that do not correspond to reality has been proven either. The magistrate collects that from the documentation provided by the Messi Foundation it appears that the complainant did not have any employment relationship with it and adds that any other type of contractual relationship from which any damage could arise for him has not been proven either.

It concludes that not only has it not proven to have suffered any damage, "but the possible irregularities that it invoked in its complaint have been clearly shown to be non-existent" after the procedures carried out and after analyzing the reports of the Tax Agency, the Catalan Protectorate of Foundations and of the Messi Foundation.


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