America will punish players involved in scandalous party

By Mauricio Saenz

America will punish players involved in scandalous party

Las Águilas decided to implement a severe fine to the protagonists of the party

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After the Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) fined four Club América players with 100,000 pesos for breaking COVID-19 protocols, the Coapa team supported the sanction and punished those involved according to its regulations internal.

Through an official statement, the Americanist squad indicated that it will follow the decisions of the authorities and will support the investigations. Similarly, he said that he will impose punishment on his own players.

"The Club América informs that it abides by and supports the resolution of the Disciplinary Commission in the investigation of team players for their lack of COVID-19 protocols," the letter posted on social networks reads.

“After having analyzed the events that occurred today, it is determined to sanction the players Roger Beyker Martínez Tobinson, Nicolás Benedetti Roa, Richard Rafael Sánchez Guerrero and Leonardo Gabriel Suárez, for having violated the Liga MX Health protocol, with a a fine of $ 100,000 pesos each, as established by said protocol”, the FMF reported on Tuesday night.

Since January 23, 2021, when the regulations came into force, any member of the Liga MX teams who is caught violating health protocols, must also be separated from the club for 10 days. After this period, the character can return to his activities, as long as he presents a negative detection test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, the measure does not apply since the campus was eliminated from the competition and is no longer in concentration.

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