The curious statistic where Hirving Lozano is better than Lionel Messi

To the surprise of many, Chucky is above La Pulga in this statistical record. 

Hirving Lozano, Lionel Messi
Hirving Lozano, Lionel Messi

Hirving Lozano's the third most fouled winger among the main leagues in Europe. According to an analysis by BeSoccer, Chucky, who plays for Napoli in Serie A, only occupies this place behind Mattia Zaccagni, from Hellas Verona, and Neymar, from Paris Saint Germain.

Hirving Lozano

The Mexican, who normally plays on the right in Gennaro Gattuso's team averages, per game, less than eight dribbles and receives 3.3 fouls, a situation that is noticeable in each game of the Neapolitans, because due to his speed and ability, he is one of the main creators of the offensive game in the team of "Rino".

Although Lozano missed a month of activity due to an injury he suffered in February against Juventus, the national team has remained one of the best players of the season and although he is just regaining his level, he continues to face the defenders every who has a chance.

The second most fouled player is Hellas Verona's Mattia Zaccagni, who averages just over eight irrigated per game and receives 3.5 fouls; However, Neymar is on another sideboard, and it is that the Brazilian of PSG dribbles more than 16 times per game and reaps almost 4.7 fouls per game, which puts him very far from the rest of the wingers in the big leagues of the Old Continent.

The BeSoccer methodology took into account the wingers with at least 900 minutes of play and the statistics were represented by 90 minutes, as long as they were greater than zero. In the graph they shared, Adama Traoré, from Wolverhampton, is one of the most successful dribblers without receiving contact, a situation that may be due to his physical strength.

The Spaniard does around 13 dribbles per game and receives fewer than three foul contacts. Afterwards, Kylian Mbappé, Neymar's teammate at PSG, is the best dribbler, since he dribbles 11 per owner and receives just 1.5 fouls, this due to his speed and ability, which makes him very elusive.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi comes out on the chart and averages almost 11 dribbles per game and 2.5 fouls per game. Ahead of the Argentine in fouls received are Newcastle's Allan Saint-Maximin with almost 11 dribbles per game and nearly 2.7 fouls, as well as Huesca's Javier Ontiveros, who faces almost 11 times per game and receives 3.1 fouls.

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