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The five most expensive Mexican players on the market

Player values have been updated and Mexicans are the most wanted

By Mauricio Saenz

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In the major leagues in the world, the season came to an end and slowly the transfer market began. In that sense, the values of all the players were updated. Several raised their cost considerably because they had a great season, others went down because they didn't perform as expected. For this reason, from El Futbolero we tell you which are the five best-valued Mexican players.

Edson Álvarez - 14 million euros

Edson Álvarez is in fifth place. According to the Transfermarkt quote, the Ajax midfielder has a value of 14 million euros, the highest value in his entire career. It means great growth, since six months ago he suffered a great devaluation and was worth 8 million euros.

Carlos Vela - 15 million euros

At 32 years old and not having many games so far this year due to an injury, Carlos Vela is the fourth most expensive Mexican player today. The Los Angeles FC forward has, according to Transfermarkt, a value of 15 million euros. Although it's less than his best moment, when between 2013 and 2014 he traded 20 million euros, his good present in the MLS means that he continues to be one of the most valuable Mexicans.

Raúl Jiménez - 28 million euros

Raúl Jiménez is in third place. Although his value fell considerably from the 45 million euros he was worth a year ago, the reason for not playing since October due to a severe injury, currently makes the Wolverhampton striker cost, according to Transfermarkt, 28 million euros.

Jesús Manuel Corona - 30 million euros

Jesús Manuel Corona appears in second place. Tecatito, a Porto player, is in the most expensive valuation of his career, according to Transfermarkt, with 30 million euros. The Portuguese team will try to extend his contract, which expires in one year.


Hirving Lozano - 45 million euros

The most sought-after Mexican player in the market is Hirving Lozano. Chucky lived a great season in Napoli, which generated that the market value of him, according to Transfermarkt, of 45 million euros.

The five most expensive Mexican players on the market

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