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James Rodríguez was devalued by 60% and now costs less than when he was in Monaco

By Mauricio Saenz

James Rodríguez was devalued by 60% and now costs less than when he was in Monaco

Everton's Colombian player has the worst market value in many years

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If one has to review the list of the best players in the history of Colombian football, without a doubt the name of James Rodríguez appears among the main players. With a unique talent, he knew how to shine at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. However, his present is not the best, both in Everton and in the Colombian National Team, which is why his market value was considerably devalued.

The absence of him in the national team for the already played Eliminatory matches against Peru (victory 0-3) and Argentina (draw 2-2) and the Copa América clearly affect his valuation in the transfer market. Transfermarkt, the portal with the economic estimation in football, has made an update on the market value of James and the news isn't good.

How much does James Rodríguez cost?

On March 18, 2021, James Rodríguez had a market value of 30 million euros. Not bad for a player over 30 years old. However, in recent days the aforementioned site updated Rodríguez's transfer value and quoted it at 28 million euros, which means that he dropped two million in a matter of months.

The value of James Rodríguez was devaulted 60%

If one looks back in time, after shining in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil with his national team, James had a price of 80 million euros, a figure that remained for a couple of seasons at Real Madrid.

The value of James Rodríguez varied with the seasons and was due to his performance in games. Many injuries and moments in which he was not taken into account by the various coaches, made his value go down.

In that sense, James Rodríguez is worth less than when he played in Monaco at the beginning of 2014: at that time he was worth 35 million euros.

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