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How much will Lionel Messi earn if he finally reaches an agreement with Barcelona?

By Juan Angel Aiesi

How much will Lionel Messi earn if he finally reaches an agreement with Barcelona?

Lionel Messi will reduce his salary from the almost 75 million net per year he was earning until now to a figure of 37.5 kilos clean per season in the next five campaigns

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The renewal agreed between Lionel Messi and Barcelona for the next few seasons entails a 50% reduction in salary for the Catalan star. But Messi will still not have financial difficulties to make ends meet because he will go from receiving almost 75 million net per season to 37.5 kilos per year, a figure that will allow him to remain comfortably the highest paid player in La Liga. And he will keep that position even if Real Madrid ends up closing the signing of Mbappé.




Lionel Messi previous contract with Barcelona, signed in Bartomeu's time, amounted to the astronomical figure of more than 555 million euros for four seasons. That link expired 14 days ago and now it seems that Barcelona and Messi have reached an agreement in principle for Lionel Messi to continue five more seasons at the azulgrana club (we will see if all as a footballer) and reduce his salary by half.



Lionel Messi is a very valuable attraction for big brands and generates huge amounts of money, which in the end translates into big contracts and multi-million dollar incomes. Being the best means having a salary to match your quality. Let's see how much money Lionel Messi can earn in a year.



Lionel Messi was paid in his previous contract with Barcelona 138,809,404 euros gross (74,900,000 net) per season, according to the contract published at the time by the newspaper El Mundo. In other words: Leo received from Barça the not inconsiderable figure of 380,299 euros gross per day (210,297 euros net), an amount to which should be added the economic returns from the exploitation of his image, a section in which the player reserves, in addition, up to 80% of the income obtained for this concept.


Now, with the new five-year agreement reached between Messi and Laporta, the player will move from almost 75 million net per year to a salary of 37.5 million per season, which will continue to be the highest in La Liga but will allow Barcelona to fit his salary within the La Liga salary limit, although it will have to make financial balances and transfers to balance it.

In fact, Antoine Griezmann's departure back to Atletico may be imminent in the coming hours.



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