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How much money will America receive if it sells Federico Viñas to Tigres UANL?

By Mauricio Saenz

How much money will America receive if it sells Federico Viñas to Tigres UANL?

The Uruguayan Federico Viñas' one of the best players that America has and is wanted by another team in the Liga MX

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Despite having great talent, Federico Viñas' one of the forwards on the America squad who played the least during the first six months of 2021, in which Santiago Solari's team had to face the regular phase and the Liguilla of the Guard1anes Clausura Tournament 2021 of the Liga MX, and the round of 16 and quarterfinals of the Concacaf Champions League. 

For this reason, it's possible that he's open to being transferred to have more filming in the second part of the year. Along these lines, a rumor that emerged in a publication in the newspaper Récord links him to the Uruguayan striker of Azulcrema with the Tigres UANL.

Of course, the arrival of Miguel Herrera to the cast of Nuevo León with these versions involving Federico Viñas' no coincidence, given that the coach and the soccer player spent a year together at the Coapa facilities.

Now, how much money would go to the Águilas of America if the possibility of the Tigres UANL board of directors negotiating for the Uruguayan striker Federico Viñas' record prospers?

According to Transfermarkt, the Uruguayan attacker's pass is valued at 4 million euros and he has a contract signed with América until June 2024. That would be the amount that would enter in case of requiring all of it. On the other hand, it's worth clarifying that in December 2020, his appraisal reached a peak of 4.5 million.


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