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David Beckham: what are his other businesses after million dollar deal for World Cup

David Beckham just signed a World Cup deal worth millions of dollar to add to his numbers of numerous endorsements.   

David Beckham
David Beckham

The football legend has been named the face of Qatar World Cup 2022 in a deal worth over $150m. The former Manchester United player will be the face of football in the country for the next decades.

The 46-years-old is said to be worth close to half a billion dollars of endorsement. Deals from Adidas, Tudor, Haig Club, Emporio Armani. Gillette and hosts of others. 

David have retired from football more than a decade ago and his relevance is of no match. The Sexiest man alive according to People's Magazine. The attention he commands can only be rivalled by the stock market and the queen palace.

His empire with his wife Victoria is said to be worth over $1b dollar. They build an empire around their brand and have grown over the years. His company Footwork Production is responsible for his image right and name and it's do have a turnover of $273 million among many other companies and endorsements. David will continue to be relevant and bag deals as the Qatar deal. 

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