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Cristiano Ronaldo paid a fortune to save his cat’s life

His pet was in a critical situation, and the Portuguese legend has done a master movement to save the poor kitty.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is an extraordinary superstar, a terrific athlete, and sometimes seem to be anything but human. We say this in a positive sense, of course, because of his physical condition. But he has shown incredible love gestures recently, far away from his still and challenging face we are used to see in the field.

Recently, he saved the life of Pepe, the two-year-old cat he raised with Georgina Rodríguez and his children, Cristiano Junior, Eva María, Alana Martina and Mateo. Pepe belongs to a rare breed named sphynx, there are only eight of them in the world. The poor kitty escaped from their home in Turin some weeks ago and was hit by a car.

Cristiano Ronaldo y Georgina Rodríguez

As reported by Pronto, the cat’s wounds were treated in Turin, to heal the most urgent injuries, but shortly afterwards Georgina Rodríguez herself used the family's private jet to take Pepe to Spain and leave it at her sister's house for the rest of its recovery. According to Cadena COPE, the flight cost $3,600.

Ivana Rodríguez, Georgina’s sister, has spoken with InStyle magazine, and commented more on this sad event. Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife decided her sister would be the most appropriate person to take care of Pepe in the last part of recovery. The cat’s life was in danger and after almost a month, things have turned better.

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