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Christian Pulisic contract in Chelsea: how much money earns the USMNT's star?

Christian Pulisic won the Champions League with Chelsea

By Mauricio Saenz

Christian Pulisic won the Champions League with Chelsea
Christian Pulisic won the Champions League with Chelsea
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Last Saturday, Christian Pulisic entered the history of United States soccer by being the first player of that nationality in three minutes in a Champions League final. In turn, he became the second American to win the biggest tournament in Europe. Pulisic is a very important player at Chelsea and one of the best paid in the squad.

What is Christian Pulisic's net worth?

Although it's difficult to put an exact figure on it, Pulisic's net worth is estimated to be around $ 10 million (£ 8m) by the website Celebrity Net Worth.

He's still in his early 20s and at the beginning of his career so he has not had the time to acquire vast wealth, although a figure of $ 10m is still considerable and it will only rise the longer he plays at a high level.

By way of comparison, Pulisic's net worth is lower than that of Raheem Sterling (£ 28m / $ 36m) and a fraction of Cristiano Ronaldo's (over $ 400m).

What is Christian Pulisic's salary?

Pulisic is reported to earn £145,000 ($188,000) a week for the duration of his contract with Chelsea, which is set to run until the summer of 2024.

He earns approximately £7.5m (just under $10m) every year from his base club contract alone, so his five-year deal with the Blues is worth £37.5m ($49m) in total. 

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