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Chelsea wants to hire one of the Palmeiras figures and will pay less than 10 million euros

By Mauricio Saenz

Chelsea wants to hire one of the Palmeiras figures and will pay less than 10 million euros

The champion team of the Champions League wants to strengthen itself for the next season and asked for a South American figure

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After being champion of the Champions League, Chelsea wants to strengthen itself in the best way to continue being the best team in Europe. In that sense, in the last hours, he became interested in a player from Palmeiras, the current champion of the Copa Libertadores and whose cost is less than 10 million euros.

We are talking about Gustavo Gómez, the defender who is one of the best players on the Brazilian team and who also plays for the Paraguayan National Team.

How much is Gustavo Gómez worth?

According to the Transfermarket site, Paraguayan defender Gustavo Gómez is worth 6 million euros. However, the Brazilian club will not part with the player for less than 10 million euros. It's a large sum, but it is not unpayable for Chelsea either.

Gustavo Gómez' numbers in Palmeiras

In total, the defender accumulates 116 games played with the 2020 Copa Libertadores champion, he also records 14 goals, 2 assists and 10,064 minutes on the field of play. He arrived at his current club in mid-2018 and in 2020 they renewed the contractual relationship until 2024, so if Chelsea wants to sign him, he will have to pay the millions that Palmeiras asks for.

Gustavo Gómez' career

Gustavo Gómez, an experienced 28-year-old Paraguayan defender, started in Libertad, went through Lanús, AC Milan and currently in Palmeiras. With "Guma", he was champion of the Clausura 2012 and Apertura 2014; With "Granate" he was league champion in 2016. With Palmeiras he won the Paulista Championship 2020, Brazil Cup 2020, Brasileirāo 2018 and Copa Libertadores 2020.

Gustavo Gómez highlights

Video: Thiago Productions.

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