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Which Chelsea players are vaccinated?

The French authorities have tightened anti-COVID-19 measures and will ban unvaccinated Chelsea players from attending the Champions League clash against Lille. 

So far 3 Chelsea players are known to be vaccinated against the virus.
So far 3 Chelsea players are known to be vaccinated against the virus.

The French authorities have tightened the anti-COVID-19 protection measures, and have ruled that unvaccinated Blues players cannot attend the Champions League clash against Lille. But which Chelsea players are vaccinated

This is the question all Chelsea fans are asking at the moment as there are players in Thomas Tuchel's team who still refuse to get their shot

And they are not the only ones as the same sanction may affect the Real Madrid vs PSG match, as among the Merengues some players have not yet been vaccinated. 

Which Chelsea players are vaccinated and will be able to play in the Champions League in Paris?

Christian Pulisic, the USMNT international who has recently been having a good season with the Blues is one of the players who has already been vaccinated against the virus and confirmed it to the media, although not in the way he would have liked.

This was because in August 2021 it was known that the player had caught the virus and was going to be left out of Thomas Tuchel's list for the clash against Arsenal. 

The player took it upon himself to inform via Twitter that he was in good health and was asymptomatic and that he was already vaccinated

The player posted on his social networks: "Unfortunately, I tested positive for COVID-19 this week. Fortunately, I'm fully vaccinated and symptom-free so far. Can't wait to get back in action! Thank you for your support." 

However, it was at that moment that everyone came out of doubt as to whether the player had been vaccinated. 

Another Chelsea player who already has his anti-COVID-19 vaccines is Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian player has not had a good relationship with his coach, Tuchel, but it seems that he is already solving this issue. 

In December 2021 it was also known that the player had contracted the virus, but in a press conference, he spoke that he had already been vaccinated and that vaccination is something that cannot be forced on people

On the subject, Lukaku said: 'We can't force people to get vaccinated and I won't change my opinion on that. I am vaccinated. I made the decision for me and that's it. I'm not the guy to comment, I'm not the expert here”. 

Thiago Silva, the Brazilian defender, although he has not commented on the matter, is known to be vaccinated because he was called to Brazil's roster for the FIFA date in January for the duels against Ecuador and Paraguay

And the certainty of his vaccination lies in the fact that the coach of the Brazilian national team, Tite, said that those who do not have their complete anti-COVID-19 vaccination schedule will not be able to attend these duels

So far 3 Chelsea players are known to be vaccinated against the virus, and at least they will be able to play against Lille in the Champions League Round of 16. 

The Premier League and its problem of unvaccinated players

The complexity of the issue with Chelsea is that there are many players from various Premier League teams who have not yet had their vaccinations

And what makes the situation even more complicated is that Premier League and La Liga teams have dedicated themselves to protecting the identity of their players and have not revealed which of them have been vaccinated and which have not

While this issue had not been so decisive in soccer matches, now with the restriction of the government of Emmanuel Macron, President of France, things have just changed

And when the list of players who will be able to attend their Champions League quarter-final matches is released, everyone will know who has not been immunized against COVID-19.

Do you think the measures imposed by France are the right ones?

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