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Digne slammed Benitez as he bids farewell to Everton

The French full-back sent a message to the 'Toffee' boss by suggesting that he ended his love affair with the Goodison Park outfit.

Lucas Digne left Everton mainly for Rafa Benítez.
Lucas Digne left Everton mainly for Rafa Benítez.

Everton and Aston Villa agreed on Thursday the transfer of Lucas Digne to the Birmingham club. A signing that was taken for granted for days and that will give new opportunities to a French fullback who had been left without a place at Goodison Park.

Digne's farewell, although brief, was noteworthy for the message that the Frenchman sent to Rafa Benitez. Indisputable in the starting eleven in recent seasons, the former Barça player lost his place in recent times in the scheme of the Madrid head coach.

"Sometimes, it only takes another person to destroy a beautiful love story," said the Frenchman as he bid farewell to what has been his team in England for the past three-and-a-half seasons.

Farewell letter of the former Toffee player:

"Thank you for these three and a half years in blue. From day one, the Everton fans welcomed me with great warmth and I will always be grateful to them. I have enjoyed being part of the Everton family and have always worked to repay the fans for their trust on and off the pitch.

I have loved the bond between the team and the players there and not just at Goodison Park but on a day-to-day basis.

A year ago, I signed a new contract with the aim and ambition to stay here for a long time and give everything for the team, for the development of the club, which I believed in, and for the fans.

My dream was to get Everton back to where they deserve to be and wearing the captain's armband made me proud. But everything comes to an end, I just didn't expect it to have come this way.

What has happened and some of the words that have been said about me in the last month have made me very sad. I'm not going to get into a war of words with anyone now.

The club doesn't deserve this and neither do the fans. And, to be honest, I don't feel I deserve it. There are a lot of good people at Everton and I wish the best for the club.

Thank you to all the wonderful, proud and passionate Everton supporters. It has been an honor and a real pleasure to play for you because a club does not belong to a manager but to its fans. I will always hold you in my heart.

Sometimes all it takes is the arrival of an outsider to destroy a beautiful love story. I wish you all the best”.

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