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Why did Jonathan Dos Santos leave FC Barcelona

Get to know more about Jonathan Dos Santos and why he left FC Barcelona.

Jonathan Dos Santos at Barcelona.
Jonathan Dos Santos at Barcelona.

Have you heard the name Jonathan Dos Santos? If you’re a football fan, it’s almost impossible you haven’t. Here’s some information to refresh what you know about him. He's an international Mexican professional soccer player, who's been known for being part of the Spanish 'FC Barcelona' since he was a child.

He and his brother were noticed by 'FC Barcelona' while disputing a youth tournament in France and were signed to be part of 'La Masía’, Barcelona’s academy for young children. It wasn't until 2009 that Jonathan Dos Santos was called by famous player and coach, "Pep" Guardiola, to play for the top league. 

Jonathan Dos Santos at Villarreal.

Glorious times 

Once he started playing with the senior league, he never stopped. "Pep" gave Jonathan Dos Santos the chance to show his performance and skills in 2010 while calling him to play a full game, to make up for the absence of Touré and Keita who were playing the African ‘Cup of Nations'. 

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Dos Santos arrived at Barça in 2002 and played for the team for 12 years. His first two seasons with the A team were great until a severe injury happened in October 2013. This injury forced him out of the field for six months during the 2013/14 season. After this incident, Dos Santos never felt the same with the team, and soon he decided to move away.

In 2014, Jonathan Dos Santos was transferred to the 'Villarreal CF' for a €2 million fee, where he reunited with his brother, Giovani. 

After six months playing there, he said: “(...) I'm 100% acclimatized. Being here with my brother has made it easier. I’m very happy at how the team is doing". He also stated he felt a bit down after leaving Barcelona because Villarreal is much smaller and all his friends and family were in Catalonia city. 

Jonathan Dos Santos at Los Ángeles Galaxy.

Dos Santos’ career in the USA

In 2017, after three seasons playing for the 'Villarreal', Jonathan Dos Santos signed a contract with USA's Major League Soccer club, 'LA Galaxy’. 

There he reunited again with his brother, Giovani, and showed all of his skills. The midfield player is one of the team's icons and captains.

Though he has said to enjoy his time in the ‘LA Galaxy’, Dos Santos is rumored to be leaving the American team to join a club in his native country, Mexico. 

About this, Jonathan said: "It wouldn't be bad at all, the truth is I have always said that I would have loved to play for America (in Mexico), and it is true that it’s the last year of my contract at the Galaxy, but I have always expressed my desire to stay at this team for the rest of my life, I would love to retire here. I enjoy the present”.

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