Pep Guardiola's daughter's in a relationship with a Premier League star

By Mauricio Saenz

Pep Guardiola's daughter's in a relationship with a Premier League star

Maria, the daughter of the Manchester City manager, was photographed with the famous English player

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Tottenham player Dele Alli and María, daughter of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, don't hide a friendship that may be going further. This is how several images capture it in a leisure area of London, the English capital, as revealed by the newspaper 'The Sun', and that hasn't gone unnoticed by those who saw them. 

A person who was close to them explained to the English medium that "Dele and Maria didn't seem to have any concern in the world". “They didn't care who saw them kissing in front of the DJ booth. It was full of people watching. All tables were reserved and fully booked. Strangers passed by and Dele and Maria didn't blink. They were together in a group and it was very welcoming. They looked like newlyweds".

Dele Alli, 25, approached María, 20, and they talked at length at the place until the cuddles arrived. This confirms that the Tottenham player appears to have left behind his separation from the 23-year-old model Ruby Mae.

Rube Mae ended her relationship with Dele after growing weary of her behavior, including spending hours playing the online game Fortnite. Maria, for her part, has told her friends about the meeting on the roof of said place with Dele, but she says they are "just friends".

Who's María Guardiola?

María Guardiola is a true influencer and she is very followed on social networks for her style when it comes to dressing and for her poses. The eldest daughter of the Manchester City coach has been in England for many years for obvious reasons, and now she may be the new person to occupy the heart of Dele Alli, who a few months ago ended his relationship with Ruby, an explosive model who claimed that the player was more aware of video games than of her.

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