Only an MLS team can pay the salary that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Juventus

According to the newspaper As, Juventus would put Cristiano Ronaldo up for sale in January and there are several MLS teams that could sign him.

It would be a revolution for MLS if a player of Cristiano Ronaldo's level made it to the league. There are several teams that can sign Cristiano Ronaldo but they will have to make a huge financial effort to have him. For that same reason there is one that takes a slight advantage over the rest since he could pay what Cristiano Roanldo asks for. Juventus would no longer want to have his services so they would put him up for sale in the next transfer market.

It will undoubtedly be a revolution for MLS if a player of that stature were to go. Cristiano Ronaldo has already said that he does not look down on going to MLS to retire and that is why rumors are growing that he may disembark in that league. LA Galaxy at the moment is the only team that could pay the high salary that Cristiano Ronaldo will demand but there are other teams that with a little effort will also be able to do it

After Pavon's departure, the Los Angeles team has a spot available for a Designated Player and Ronaldo would be a great option, but for that, he should break the piggy bank and see what they do with Chicharito Hernandez's high salary. LA Galaxy are paying Hernandez almost $ 6 million and would agree to pay almost double to a player like Cristiano Ronaldo.

In addition to LA Galaxy, New York City FC is another of the MLS teams that is financially in a good position for Cristiano Ronaldo to arrive. The New York team knows that if Ronaldo arrives it will be a boom and could recover the investment only with the sale of shirts and the marketing generated by a player of that level.

Finally, Inter Miami has a slight non-economic advantage since it has a very important combo for Cristiano Ronaldo to accept. Besides having great investors, the Portuguese is a good friend of Gonzalo Higuain and has a good relationship with David Beckham, the owner of the club.

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