Messi and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo: 3 photos of the luxury hotel where they spend their holidays

Lionel Messi shared some photos with Antonela Roccuzzo and his family on his last vacation after winning the Copa America with the Argentina national team and before his sudden departure from Barcelona. 

MIM Messi Hotel
MIM Messi Hotel

After being crowned champion of America with the Argentine national team in Brazil, Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo chose Ibiza as the place to rest before the new season. The hotel chosen by the couple was "Es Vivé", with an incredible view of the beach where they could appreciate the best sunsets in Ibiza.

After his stay in Rosario, Argentina where he spent some time with his family, Messi and Antonela embarked to Miami, where they enjoyed its beaches and rested happily. But they continued their vacation in Ibiza. There the Barcelona player met with some friends, with whom he took a photo that was marked to all those interested in Messi and his own team:

Lionel Messi enjoyed his vacation in the luxurious hotel belonging to one of his companies.

The company Majestic i Messi (MiM) was in charge of making investments in the real estate market and this hotel is one of its jewels. The inauguration was in 2018. Since then, both the sportsman and his wife choose to spend their breaks there. The luxurious hotel has 52 rooms with modern decor, a gym and a spa for customers pool and massage room.

The most curious thing is that Lionel Messi's property is in direct competition with Cristiano Ronaldo's Pestana hotel. In yours socials networks to share with his more than 160 million followers the visit to his luxury hotel with Antonela Roccuzzo.

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