Liga MX: the Top 10 goal scorers in the history of Mexico

By Juan Angel Aiesi

Liga MX: the Top 10 goal scorers in the history of Mexico

All these players have already retired from professional soccer and it will probably be many years before someone reaches one of these records. 

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These forwards have become legends in Mexico’s first division. Their ability to score goals have put them as the top scorers in the history of the competition and it will not be easy for the next generations to match their records. To make this list, we only used the numbers registered in the Mexican league or Liga MX, no cups or international competitions were included.



Four of the following 10 players are foreigners. Without going any further, we introduced you the top goal scorers in Mexican league history. 


Do you remember all of them? 



10. Sergio Lira


He played his entire career in Mexico, making his professional debut in 1978 and retiring in 1996. During those years, he was one of the most dangerous strikers of the league and wrote his name in the history books thanks to his goals scored.

He netted 191 goals, most of them (102) playing with Tampico Madero, from 1984 to 1990. Lira also found the net playing for other teams: Tampico (36), Atlante (2), Oaxtepec (20), Tigres (18) and Puebla (13).


9. Carlos Eloir Perucci



The Brazilian forward played most of his professional career in the Mexican league, but he also had a stint in the Houston Hurricane of the United States. He made his debut in 1972 with Laguna, a team which currently competes in Mexico’s third-division, and retired in 1985 with Cruz Azul.

Perucci scored 199 goals in the Mexican league: 64 with Laguna, 86 with Atlético Español and 47 with Cruz Azul.


8. Adalberto López



A true Mexican league legend! During his 14 years as a professional soccer player, from 1941 to 1955, López has managed to score a number of goals to be among the top scorers in the history of the competition.

He played for five different Mexican teams, scoring a total of 201 goals. He netted 10 with Atlante, 126 with León, 14 with Atlas, 27 with Oro and 24 with Chivas. In addition, López is the León’s all-time top scorer with 136 goals in all competitions.


7. Luis Roberto Alves ‘Zague’



Every Club América fan knows who Zague is, the team’s all-time top scorer with 192 goals. But he is part of the Mexican league history too.

He made his professional debut with the “Águilas” in 1985 and retired in 2003. During those years, Zague played for three different teams and scored 209 goals. He netted 162 league goals with América, 24 with Atlante and 23 with Necaxa.



6. Osvaldo Castro



He is none other than the top scorer in Chilean soccer history. Castro played 11 of his 19 career years in the Mexican league and, during those years, he netted 214 goals to become a legend of the competition.

In Mexico, Castro scored 45 goals with América, 91 with Jalisco, 45 with Coyotes Neza, 24 with Atlético Potosino and 9 with Pumas. He retired from the professional activity in 1984. He is none other than the top scorer in Chilean soccer history. Castro played 11 of his 19 career years in the Mexican league and, during those years, he netted 214 goals to become a legend of the competition.


5. Horacio Casarín


He began his career with Necaxa in 1936 and retired playing for Monterrey in 1957. By the time he put an end to his career, the striker had scored 238 league goals, making him the top scorer in the history of the competition at the time.

Although he had a short stint in Spain, where he finally did not sign for any team, he played his entire career in Mexico. He played for six different teams and scored goals with all of them: 107 with Atlante, 24 with Zacatepec, 21 with Club España, 70 with Necaxa, 13 with América and 3 with Monterrey.


4. José Saturnino Cardozo



A true Toluca idol! The former Paraguayan striker joined the "Diablos Rojos" in the 1994/1995 season, nine years after his professional soccer debut. He played in the team for a decade, winning four league titles and breaking all kind of records, including his 29 goals in only one tournament.

He also played for Cruz Azul and Pachuca but only in Copa Libertadores games. That means he netted all his 249 Mexican league goals playing for Toluca.


3. Jared Borgetti



He is Mexican national team’s second-highest all-time goal scorer, making him arguably one of the most important strikers in the history of Mexican soccer. But he did great things in the league too, like becoming Santos Laguna’s all-time top scorer.

Borgetti made his professional debut in 1993 and retired in 2010, after playing in England and Saudi Arabia too. He played the rest of his career in Mexico, where he scored 252 league goals playing for eight different teams: Atlas (21), Santos Laguna (189), Dorados (8), Pachuca (8), Cruz Azul (7), Monterrey (10), Puebla (5) and Morelia (4).


2. Carlos Hermosillo



As a soccer player, Hermosillo had stints in Belgium’s Standard Lieja and Los Angeles Galaxy of the US. He played the rest of his career in Mexico and scored goals with all the teams he has played for. He is the league’s second all-time top scorer.

Since his professional debut with Club América in 1983 until his last career game with Chivas in 2001, Hermosillo has scored a total of 294 league goals. He netted 78 with América, but he made history in Cruz Azul, scoring 169 goals. He also played for Monterrey (20), Necaxa (13), Atlante (7) and Chivas (7). Hermosillo is Cruz Azul’s all-time top scorer with 197 goals in all competitions.


1. Evanivaldo Castro ‘Cabinho’



In 1974, a player known as Cabinho arrived at Mexico from Brazil to join Pumas UNAM. He played 12 years of his professional career in the Mexican league and retired as the all-time top scorer of the competition.

In addition to his incredible record of 312 league goals, the former player has all kind of personal achievements. He played for four different teams in the country: Pumas (151 goals), Atlante (108), León (44) and Tigres (9). He also won the Golden Boot award eight times, a record that probably nobody will ever break. On top of that, Cabinho is the all-time top scorer of two Mexican teams: Pumas (166 goals in all competitions) and Atlante (108).



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