Javier Hernández broke the silence about his absence in the Mexican National Team and surprised everyone

By Mauricio Saenz

Javier Hernández broke the silence about his absence in the Mexican National Team and surprised everyone

The Los Angeles Galaxy forward spoke about not citing him to El Tri and made things very clear

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Javier Hernández once again stayed out of the call that Gerardo Martino chose for his Mexican National Team for the Final Four of the Concacaf League of Nations, a tournament that was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic and will be continued in 2021: On June 3, El Tri will face their counterpart from Costa Rica for the semifinals at Sports Authority Field.

Days ago, the Tata was consummated by the non-called Chicharito, historical scorer with the Aztec team's jersey, and gave a simple reason for not incorporating the current Los Angeles Galaxy striker, although he did not rule out his participation in the future: "Javier isn't on this list because we opted for another four forward centers, but that doesn't mean he can't be called up at another time".

After the statements of the Argentine strategist, the one who appeared now was the one who emerged in Chivas of Guadalajara. Asked about the same issue, Hernández Balcázar sought to put an end to the sayings and speculations about his absence, although he expressed his desire to be able to wear the Tricolor jersey again.

"Well, continue fucking him, there is no other. It is not in my power, I have always said it, it is an honor and a pleasure to wear the green shirt. I am very fortunate that I have lived and what I hope I can continue living. If there is something that I cannot blame is that I have given everything", he said in a dialogue with ESPN.

In the same sense, he was happy with his good personal present, he made it clear that it is not his responsibility to talk about the coach's decisions and he said one more fan of the Mexican National Team.

"I'm completely grateful for what I have, what there is, and what there is not will not take away that peace, that fullness and that motivation. Obviously it will always be an honor and a pleasure to wear green, but it is a subject that we have been talking about for many months. I don't even have to speak because I'm not part of it, right now I don't even have the moral quality to talk about the national team, right now I'm a fan, I'm not a player".

And he concluded: "It's enough, like the Tata, the managers and I are getting tired of that, because the reality is simple, I am not in the national team and you have to accept it."

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