Javier Hernández and the party that forever excluded him from the Mexican national team

By Mauricio Saenz

Javier Hernández and the party that forever excluded him from the Mexican national team

The reason why Gerardo Martino didn't cite the Los Angeles Galaxy forward was known

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The Mexican National Team prepares to face the final home run of the Concacaf Nations League. In accordance with the competition regulations, the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) presented the preliminary list of 40 players who could participate with the team. The surprise was the absence of Javier Chicharito Hernández, who could be left out for all the calls of Gerardo Martino due to indiscipline.

 According to León Lecanda, an ESPN reporter, beyond the poor performance that the top scorer of El Tri has had in his first time in MLS, the reason for his absence is in 2019. Similarly, it has little to do with their performance on the court. In September of that year, the Tata team toured the United States. On that occasion, in addition to the humiliating 4-0 loss to Argentina, some Mexican players were embroiled in controversy over a meeting held in a New Jersey bar hours before the game.

In social networks, images were leaked where it was confirmed that some players such as Hernández and Miguel Layún attended the "Lavo Brunch NYC" in the company of some women. Although at that time it was confirmed that the players were making use of the free time granted by the managers, the reason for the annoyance could lie in the closeness that those involved had, even during the concentration, since they stayed at the same hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

Following the meeting, an internal investigation was launched to determine the responsibilities of players and members of the governing body in the case. As a result, the sports authorities decided to separate Andrés Mateos, who was part of the logistics team headed by Raúl Méndez, from his work within the Mexican National Team.

Although the version was not officially confirmed, according to Lecanda, the main reason for the dismissal was his involvement in planning the trip of two of the soccer players' companions. In fact, Javier Hernández himself would have asked him to help him document the passengers on the same flight in which El Tri began its return to Mexico City.

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