Javier Hernández after his separation from Sarah Kohan: What about his love past?

By Alexis Almosnino

Javier Hernández after his separation from Sarah Kohan: What about his love past?

Javier Hernández, today separated from Sarah Kohan, with whom he had married in 2019, is going through the duel that this implies, while playing as a footballer for LA Galaxy.

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After the marriage became known, through which Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández married the model Sarah Kohan, and added to the birth of his son, everything seemed that He was finally dedicated to taking the big step. However, that did not turn out as expected, and after 2 years later, they decided to end their relationship.

Before he rose to fame to go live in Europe, 'Chicharito' was the boyfriend of Leticia Sahagún, a television presenter with whom he had a seven-year relationship, at which time it was thought that the footballer would reach the altar of the hand of this young woman. However, the relationship ended in 2015.

After being out of Mexico for more than five years and upon arrival at Real Madrid, after several rumors Javier confirmed his courtship with the Spanish journalist Lucía Villalón with whom he maintained a solid relationship for more than a year, to the extent of committing and planning his wedding for the summer of 2017. However, the relationship apparently ended due to an infidelity on his part with the actress Camila Sodi.

After breaking up with Lucía from one moment to the next, a series of photographs circulated in which ‘Chicharito’ appeared in a romantic situation with Camila during a trip they made to Paris. But the fleeting romance only lasted a couple of months and it was she who confirmed in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine that the alleged reason for their separation was due to media pressure and because it was a long-distance relationship. “That is what happened now with Javier and me. It was too much pressure from the media, we couldn't, we were in a long-distance relationship and it was too much", said the Mexican actress.

But the pain over the break did not last long for the Mexican striker, and it is that a short time later and again through the networks he confirmed that he had an affair with the Spanish actress Andrea Duro but shortly before turning one year the relationship came to an end . It was Javier Hernández who confirmed the news in a story, during his participation in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. “I am and still single. End of the statement”, wrote the footballer.

As Andrea Duro is the last love of the 30-year-old footballer, he is who has been asked what he thinks of Sarah and the upcoming paternity of his ex-partner. On all the occasions that she has been questioned, she always replies that she is very fond of Javier and when she found out about the pregnancy she congratulated him.


So far the Australian model, Sarah Kohan, is the only woman who has managed to give the footballer emotional stability and whose relationship began weeks after the forward confirmed that he had returned to singleness last June. During these months of relationship, Javier is already expecting his first child with the model, in addition, it was announced that he married this week in Chula Vista, California.

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