Xavi sends a message that points directly to Real Madrid and Ancelotti

Barcelona manager was clear to send a message to Carlo Ancelotti.

By Juan Macías

Xavi Hernandez and Carlo Ancelotti
Xavi Hernandez and Carlo Ancelotti
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The Barcelona team is looking to get some better results in the second part of the season and they are looking to do just that in the next games now.

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Barcelona is keen on the idea that there is still plenty of weeks left for them to be able to fight and have a chance to get closer to the Real Madrid team in La Liga table, and the fact is that right now they are also looking to make sure that they do get the best results that they can for the team with the manager as well now.

"I made it very clear. I am focused on the day to day. The decision was the right one because the club needed this change of dynamic. It was also a good decision given the reaction of the players." Xavi said now that the Barcelona team is looking to take on Granada and they are also looking to get some better results for the team in the near future now.

Xavi then added, "I'm not going to talk any more, I already said my opinion last week. I promised you and I can't let you down. With all the politeness in the world, I'm not going to answer," when he was asked about the suspension that is going to keep Vitor Roque out of the team for this next game.

And the fact is that right now the referees have been a situation between the Barcelona and Real Madrid team, in fact right now La Liga president is concerned about the videos that the Real Madrid TV chanel shows and the influence that this videos about the bad decision from the referees against them could have in the near future for this situation between the two spanish giants teams now.

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Carlo Ancelotti stance

And the fact is that Carlo Ancelotti has been clear to point out the decisions from the referees that he thinks are a mistake and this could be one of the reasons why they are looking to make the changes for this situation for the next months.

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