Xavi seek to steal one of the most important players from Guardiola and Man City

Barcelona are keen in their intentions to sign this player.

By Juan Macías

Xavi Hernandez and Pep Guardiola
Xavi Hernandez and Pep Guardiola
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The spanish team is now looking for new players that could arrive to their team in the next season so they could really help them get some better results now.

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Barcelona is now looking to make sure that they can have enough players that arrive to their team on a permanent deal so they have the chance to make sure that they get the project going, and the fact is that while there are several options, it seems that one of the main ones could be the arrival of a new midfielder that has been key for Manchester City so far.

And the fact is that the Manchester City team might suffer from some problems that could be caused for the violations on the Financial Fair Play rules a total of 115, and most of the sources believe that the resolution might be for the team to get relegated, and this has caused for a lot of especulation on players that might not want to play on the Championship League.

Now it has been confirmed that the Barcelona team is still looking to go ahead and sign Bernardo Silva, and on top of that it has also been confirmed that the 29 year old midfielder seems to be keen on making the move as well, as it has been confirmed by his agent that is also looking to complete the deal.

Bernardo Silva seems to be open to make the move to the Barcelona team, but the fact is that this would be a low blow for Pep Guardiola, the reason being that they are looking to take away one of the most important players for the manager that might be looking to go ahead and stay with the Citizens even if they get relegated in the next few months.

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Bernardo Silva value

Bernardo Silva is currently valued at 80 million euros, but most of the sources believe that with his intentions to leave the Barcelona team might be able to get away with an offer of 50 million euros that would bring the midfielder to their team right away.

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