Xavi makes a decision that could give Barcelona more than 20 million euros

Barcelona manager seems ready to help the spanish team finances.

By Juan Macías

Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez
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The spanish team is now looking to make some changes to the team in the next part of the season and this could really affect the team in the future.

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Barcelona team current problem is the fact that the team is looking to make some changes in the next part of the season but they might have some problems to do just that due to the finances of the team, and this could be something that right now the manager might be looking to help them in the next part of the season to actually get some better results now.

Several sources have now confirmed that Xavi Hernández might be looking to go ahead and leave the team when the season ends, and that seems to be one of the first decisions that could actually change the situation of the team, but right now he might be looking to make some more changes that could eventually help them even more when it comes to the financial situation of the team.

Now it has been confirmed that the Barcelona manager, Xavi Hernández is now set to make sure that he actually goes ahead and gives them the whole salary back to the team, which means that for the next months of the season the manager is not going to charge and he could also be looking to improve the team now.

Xavi Hernández currently has a salary of 10 million euros, and that could be the reason that if he does not leave the team he could be able to go ahead and let them save up to 20 million euros, and this situation could really help them to make sure that they get chances to go ahead and make some important moves for the team in the near future now.

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Xavi Hernández future

Most of the sources have now confirmed that Xavi Hernández could be looking to go ahead and leave the team if the results do not help the Barcelona team and this could be a situation that could help them to get better results for the team now.

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