Without playing at Real Madrid, Xabi Alonso could rescue this young star season

Carlo Ancelotti might have forced this young star to leave the team.

By Juan Macías

Xabi Alonso
Xabi Alonso
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The spanish team is looking to win every single trophy they have left in the season, and this pressure could cause for some players to leave the team as well.

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Real Madrid is concerned about the fact that they still have La Liga and the Champions League, and the fact is that the spanish team is keen to get into the end of the season with the chance to win both of the titles, and the fact is that now they might be looking for options that could actually allow them to get to that position for the team now.

One of the main concerns with Carlo Ancelotti is the fact that he likes to put the same players in most of the games unless they are injured, and the fact is that the manager is also keen to make the same changes in most of the games, and this has caused for some players to actually want to leave the team at least on a loan deal this season.

Most of the sources believe that right now there could be a petition inside the club to let Arda Güler leave the team on a loan deal, now that the young star believes that he is going to get little to no playing time and this could affect the situaiton of the player and the manager for this current season.

This situation started after Arda Güler was seen taking away the training kit and throwing it into the ground when he knew he was not going to participate in the game that Real Madrid manage to win with a 3-2 score against the Almeria team, and the fact is that now he would like to look for more playing time now that he is fit and ready to actually play.

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Arda Güler situation

Now it has been confirmed that the spanish team might considere the idea to let Arda Güler leave on a loan deal, but the fact is that they would like for him to get more playing time and this could be the main option for the player.

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