While Nike offers $115M a season, Puma offers a bigger deal for FC Barcelona

Puma are reportedly in talks to sponsor FC Barcelona soon.

By Emmanuel Mendez

FC Barcelona could have Puma as their new sponsors with a bigger financial deal than Nike.
FC Barcelona could have Puma as their new sponsors with a bigger financial deal than Nike.
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FC Barcelona's supplier, Nike, has been with the Catalan club since 1998. The American sports brand replaced Barca's old supplier, the Italian brand Kappa. Nike and FC Barcelona have reportedly not agreed on a new deal and could split after over 20 years as partners.

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Nike and Barca have a contract that runs out until the end of the 2027/2028 season. The Catalan club can earn a minimum of $ 115 million a season, but the maximum earnings could be as high as $169 million a year, depending on the team's performance in all competitions. The partnership could soon end because of Barca's intention to make a bigger deal. Both Nike and Barca have not agreed to a deal for a new contract extension. Barca is looking at clubs like Puma and New Balance to negotiate a bigger deal than they already have with Nike. Barca can terminate the contract in a year or two since it is allowed to announce an early departure from the current deal 2 years before the expiration date.

Puma is rumored to replace Nike to sponsor Barca kits sooner rather than later. Puma already sponsors Manchester City and pays the English club $82 million annually. Puma also sponsors other big European clubs, like AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund. Puma would like to add Barca to this list, but it will come with a big price, which has Barcelona's interest in getting the deal done quickly.

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Puma is offering more than $300 million a year to FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is really interested in signing a deal with Puma since the German company is reportedly offering more than $300 million a year for the partnership. Barca is in need of financial gain since they currently have debt of over $1 billion and this deal with Puma can help them pay their debts quicker than their current deal with Nike.

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