While Neymar admits being overweight, Cristiano's fitness before turning 39

Neymar denies the false stories of him being fat while Ronaldo flexes his muscles at 38.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Neymar shuts the haters up calling him fat but Cristiano Ronaldo flexes his abs at nearly 39.
Neymar shuts the haters up calling him fat but Cristiano Ronaldo flexes his abs at nearly 39.
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An image of Neymar during the weekend caused lots of worry and laughs about the Brazilian. Neymar was spotted at Romario's birthday party this weekend, and the picture of him made him look very different. Neymar looked bigger in his face, and many believed that the Brazilian was fat.

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Neymar suffered a cruciate ligament injury in a World Cup qualification match for Brazil against Uruguay. The Brazilian star couldn't continue after a challenge from Uruguay's Nicolas De La Cruz. He will be out for the rest of the season for his new club, Al-Hilal, and will miss the 2024 Copa America with Brazil. Neymar has so much free time now, but he only focuses on rehab from his injury. Many football fans believed he let himself go.

Neymar posted a short video today on his Instagram story to respond to those people saying he was fat. Neymar showed off his stomach to prove he wasn't fat but did admit to being a little overweight. Neymar said, "Okay, overweight. But fat? I don't think so! Take it, haters! Give it up or run away!" Neymar is seen posting videos of rehab and training with trainers to recover quickly.

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Cristiano Ronaldo also posts on Instagram but shows off his amazing physique and looks fitter than ever at 38

Neymar wasn't the only footballer to post about his physique. Cristiano Ronaldo posted an Instagram picture of him flexing his abs and his muscles. Ronaldo is days away from turning 39, and football fans compared his body to Ronaldo Nazario's when he was 39. Ronaldo Nazario was overweight and retired at 39, while Ronaldo is still scoring many goals in a professional football league. Ronaldo hopes to recover in time to play with Al Nassr against Lionel Messi's Inter Miami in a friendly in Saudi Arabia this Thursday. Ronaldo is reported to be training and hopes to see some minutes against Messi's team.

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