While Kylian Mbappé plans to leave PSG, his replacement has a millionaire demand

Kylian Mbappé perfect replacement would like to get a millionare demand to complete the move.

By Juan Macías

Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé
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The PSG team is convinced that they might have to see a replacement for Kylian Mbappé, but it might be harder than expected to do just that this next months.

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PSG team is convinced that the french striker might be close to leave the team in the next part of the season, and while they are looking to keep him on the team with some important offers, the fact is that they would have to make sure that they get a replacement line up and secure his arrival in the summer that would really help them in the next seasons.

One of the main concerns when it comes to the idea to sign a replacement for Kylian Mbappé is that most of the players that might be able to have some good performances with the french team might not be so open to make the move in the next part of the season and this could really be a concern for the team that has identified a new target now.

Most of the sources have now confirmed that the PSG team might be able to go ahead and sign Rafael Leão, the fact is that right now they might be looking to make the move in the next part of the season, and the fact is that the player might have some demands for the team to make the deal.

Rafael Leão seems to be keen on the idea to go ahead and leave the AC Milan team while he is looking to make the move a new team to continue his career in the next part of the season, but most of the sources close to him have confirmed that he might be looking for a move to La Liga or to the Premier League in the next months.

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Rafael Leão salary

The main demand from Rafael Leão would be that he would like to get a salary that would be close to 30 million euros per year with PSG which would be a great upgrade from the 5 millions he currently earns with the AC Milan team now.

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