Wasn't he injured? The real reason why Messi played 5 minutes vs Al Nassr

Inter Miami announced Messi's physical discomfort, but he still played 5 minutes... why?

Wasn't he injured? The real reason why Messi played 5 minutes vs Al Nassr

The friendly match between Inter Miami and Al Nassr will go down in history as a low blow to David Beckham's team and Major League Soccer in general. Al Nassr, without Cristiano Ronaldo, won 6-0 against Inter Miami, which also did not start with Lionel Messi as a starter.

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The match lost interest when announcing the absence of both legends, however, it drew attention to see that Al Nassr crushed Inter Miami from the first 10 minutes. In addition, he drew attention to see that Lionel Messi, who according to Inter Miami was injured, started on the bench, giving clues that he could play a few minutes.

Even though Inter Miami assured that Messi has physical discomfort, it was surprising to see how Lionel Messi entered the field in the 85th minute... why did he play if he was injured? Now on social media the true reason has been revealed.

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Why did Lionel Messi play?

The match had been organized and planned for months, and the presence of Lionel Messi was non-negotiable... apparently, there would be a clause in the contract, which obliged Messi to play even for a few minutes. Now the controversy has sparked, did Inter Miami put Lionel Messi at risk?

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