(VIDEO) Xavi furious! He was sent off and his reaction in Barcelona vs PSG in Champions League

Xavi Hernandez lost it during the FC Barcelona vs PSG game in the UCL.

Xavi Hernandez worried for his team while Mbappé relaxes with PSG.

Xavi Hernandez couldn't contain himself, and he received a red card in the 56th minute of the FC Barcelona vs PSG match in the Champions League. The Spanish manager was furious about the decision not to go away, and he even kicked an object in front of the fourth official. The referee saw this crazy reaction and sent him off the pitch with a straight red card. Xavi couldn't contain himself anymore and had to walk to the back.

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This wasn't the first red card FC Barcelona received since Ronald Araujo got one in the first half. In the 29th minute, Araujo pushes down Bradley Barcola just outside the penalty box to prevent a clear chance for PSG. Araujo even made a gesture with his hands, suggesting the game is rigged.

After Xavi, another member of the Catalan team received a red car. A coaching staff member, Jose Ramon de la Fuente, also received a red card from the referee. The team and the coaching staff are frustrated since Araujo's red card because it has affected the game tremdously.

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