(VIDEO) PSG's Luis Enrique's reaction when he meets FC Barcelona's Xavi

Luis Enrique and Xavi's reunion was captured on camera before the Champions League match.

Luis Enrique and Xavi reunite before the PSG vs FC Barcelona match.

The tension behind this Champions League game between PSG and FC Barcelona rose after media were poking controversial answers from PSG manager Luis Enrique and FC Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez. Luis Enrique was asked if he has a Barcelona style of football that is more than Xavi's, and he believed that he does. Xavi was asked about his reaction to those comments that he found controversial, but the Spanish manager at the Catalan club did not think it was true but did not want to cause any controversy. Xavi reminded the media in a press conference that he and Luis Enrique have had a great relationship since they spent time together at FC Barcelona, recently in the 2010s. Now, the first interaction for the epic match has been captured.

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Luis Enrique and Xavi met before the kickoff of the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals between PSG and FC Barcelona. After the words from each manager comparing which has more Barcelona DNA, some expected that there would be a not-so-friendly reunion.

The cameras in the dugout of PSG captured the moment when Luis Enrique and Xavi reunited. Luis Enrique playfully squared up to Xavi, but they both embraced each other in a hug and showed lots of respect and admiration for one another. Luis Enrique coached Xavi in the 2014/15 season, where FC Barcelona won a treble.

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Ronaldinho is present in the PSG vs FC Barcelona match

The Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho was seen at the Parc des Princes for the PSG vs FC Barcelona match. Ronaldinho played for both clubs during his career, and it will be interesting to see who he will support.

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