(VIDEO) Messi speaking English for the first time goes viral, what Neymar said and the fans reactions

Lionel Messi shocks the football community, including Neymar, as he said English words for the first time.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Neymar poses for a picture with a peace sign while Lionel Messi laughs wearing a black shirt.
Neymar poses for a picture with a peace sign while Lionel Messi laughs wearing a black shirt.
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Lionel Messi’s popularity in the United States has led to something many football fans in the community never thought to see ever Messi speaking in English. For years, the Argentine star has never been heard speaking in English since he spent many years in Spain and has never played in a country that mainly speaks English. Messi joined Inter Miami last summer, and until now, he has publicly spoken some English words. Will Smith posted another promotional video on Instagram for his new movie, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.Messi appears in the video and asks Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, “Bad Boys.” The short clip has become viral online as the Argentine said something in English, and even Neymar found it amazing to see. In the Instagram post, Neymar commented, “Amazing,” with a laughing emoji and a clapping hands emoji. The football world is happy to see Messi finally say words in English.

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Just a few days ago, Messi was with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in a small teaser for the “Bad Boys” movie in which the Argentine kicks a football at the camera. It was a short clip again, but many were surprised by the collaboration. Messi’s move to the MLS has led many celebrities to want to collaborate with him, and the Argentine seems to be willing to participate in lots of activities.

Will Smith is a big fan of Lionel Messi and even attended an Inter Miami match earlier this year. The American actor was at the Inter Miami vs. Real Salt Lake game, which was the 2024 MLS season opener at Chase Stadium. Messi and Smith hugged each other and briefly talked with one another at the halftime whistle. Messi headed towards the locker room, and Smith was in the VIP section.

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Messi to play two more Inter Miami games before the Copa America

This will be the last week Messi will play for Inter Miami for at least a month as the Copa America approaches quickly. Inter Miami will play against Atlanta United tomorrow, and then they will play against St. Louis City on Saturday. Then, the Argentine star will join the Argentina national team to prepare for Copa America.

The Argentina national team preparation will officially start next Monday, two days after the Inter Miami vs St. Louis City game. Argentina will play a friendly game against Ecuador on June 9th and then another friendly against Guatemala on June 14th. Their first Copa America game will be against Canada on June 20th. Their second group stage game will be against Chile on June 25th. The final group stage game will be played against Peru on June 29th. Argentina is in Group A in the Copa America and has been the defending champion since they won it in 2021. The Copa America runs from June 20th to July 14th, which means if Argentina makes it to the final, Messi could miss up to seven MLS games with Inter Miami this summer.

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