(VIDEO) Messi didn't know what to say about it, the incredible tribute paid to Lionel that left him open-mouthed

Lionel Messi was surprised and shocked about a presenter's tribute to him.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi poses for a picture with the Argentina jersey on and the Argentina national team badge is next to him. (Source: Copa America X)
Lionel Messi poses for a picture with the Argentina jersey on and the Argentina national team badge is next to him. (Source: Copa America X)
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Lionel Messi is looked up to by many football fans in the world, and he is a hero for all of Argentina. The 2022 World Cup win elevated his appreciation from the Argentina fans in the country, and the star has been overwhelmed with kinds of messages and gestures these past two years. Messi was doing an interview ahead of Copa America 2024, and the presenter showcased his love for the Argentine star. The presenter, Marcelo Tinelli, told Messi that he made a promise to have a tattoo of Messi if Argentina won the World Cup in Qatar and since the triumph happened, he stuck to his promise. The Argentine presenter showed Messi the amazing tattoo of the Argentine icon kissing the World Cup trophy. Messi was stunned and couldn't believe how nice the tattoo looked. He was left speechless for a couple of seconds but said that he had seen other fans doing something similar, which to him seemed crazy. However, for the fans, it was a tribute to the player who was arguably the greatest footballer of all time.

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Messi was surprised by the tattoo because of how amazing it looked, which is the image of him kissing the World Cup trophy for the first time. It was the trophy he was close to winning in 2014, and 8 years later, he got to win it for his country. Messi described the moment and said, "That moment was really special because the cup was there and I was able to touch it once and for all and kiss it and it was a very special moment, and the truth is that it is beautiful."

Even though the World Cup final was in late 2022, Messi continues to remember all the great details from the epic match that led to them being champions. Messi said, "To this day, video clips from that day and from that moment, from people I don't know, still appear... How did they live the match, the final, and the celebrations? It is something that will last forever for everyone who lived the moment."

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Lionel Messi's new words on the 2026 World Cup

A couple of days ago, Messi did not close the door on playing in the 2026 World Cup, especially since his contract with Inter Miami expires in December 2025. The Argentine star also did not assure that he would play in it because he wanted to be at a high level that would help his teammates on the pitch. Now, when asked again about the World Cup, Messi said, "I don't know what will happen between now and the 2026 World Cup. If I will be at the same level as my teammates I don't know if I will be. It's difficult to talk about the future. I'm still taking care of myself as I've always done, and it will depend on how The topic evolves on a daily basis."

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