Despite playing together at PSG, Messi reveals the former teammate who angered him the most when he was at FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi talks about one of the players that annoyed him the most.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi stares while wearing the FC Barcelona jersey and a mystery player claps near the PSG badge. (Source: Sky Sports)
Lionel Messi stares while wearing the FC Barcelona jersey and a mystery player claps near the PSG badge. (Source: Sky Sports)
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Many footballers get into heated discussions or fights with opponents on the pitch, but it was very rare to see Lionel Messi getting involved. The Argentine star would often not get too annoyed on the pitch before, but during his days at FC Barcelona, he would get furious with a certain player. FC Barcelona has a heated rivalry with Real Madrid, and the Argentine star would be involved in a few arguments with some Real Madrid players. When asked who the player angered him the most throughout his career, he named his former teammate at PSG, Sergio Ramos, who played for Real Madrid for many years. Messi said, "Rival with whom I had the most anger? I don't know, but I think with several from Real Madrid. With Sergio Ramos, for example, who later ended up being teammates, we have had a lot of fights. El Clasicos were intense and sometimes we collided."

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Messi and Sergio Ramos played 46 matches together at PSG and combined for two goals. The two arrived in the 2021 summer transfer window, and they both left the French club last summer. They got along well at PSG despite many years playing against each other, as each was in FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively.

Ramos is actually the opponent who Messi faced the most throughout his career. The two played against each other 44 times. Messi won 19 games against Ramos, while the Spanish defender won 16 games against him. They both drew nine games facing each other. The two were not friendly with each other, especially when it was a decisive game between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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Lionel Messi on Copa America 2024

Copa America is only two days away, and Lionel Messi spoke ahead of the tournament. Messi wants to win the tournament back to back after winning it in 2021, as he said, "We will try to give our best once again. We will try to achieve the objective, that although it is not easy to win it again, we are preparing to fight it and do it again. I always appreciate the love of all of Argentina. For me it was very special to achieve everything I achieved and to be able to have the affection of the people of Argentina, a place that I love so much. My place, my home. I am grateful for all the love I receive.”

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