(VIDEO) FC Barcelona player confronts fan in front of his face for insulting him

A player from the FC Barcelona team got angry when insulted by a fan.

By Emmanuel Mendez

An FC Barcelona player confronted a fan for insulting him.
An FC Barcelona player confronted a fan for insulting him.
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Football, like all sports, has opinions from fans, and it is something the players try to ignore. Football in the biggest leagues in the world has pressure many other players do not experience, and when a player plays for a club like FC Barcelona, the fans demand more. Things are very different when a player is insulted instead of being criticized for their performance, and it leads to them exploding with rage. An FC Barcelona player has just confronted a fan who insulted him and the player did not hesitant to tell the person off. This has shocked many football fans by the manner in which the Barca player reacted, and many are agreeing with his actions because he did not make it violent. Many agree he handled the situation very well.

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The FC Barcelona player who was insulted was Iñigo Martinez, and the incident happened after the player left the training center. The Spanish defender was leaving the center in his car until he made a stop and got out of his car. He quickly approached the fan who insulted him and told him to stop. Martinez said, "This is the last time you call me a fool or insult me..the last time you and your friend insult me."

Sport reports that Iñigo Martinez isn't the only player who has experienced this situation; a couple of other players have been insulted outside the training center. Some Barca fans were concerned about Martinez confronting the young man and leaving his car door open during the confrontation. No statement at the moment about this incident has been made and it is likely there won't be.

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Iñigo Martinez played for FC Barcelona over the weekend

Martinez started for FC Barcelona in the 1-0 win against Las Palmas over the weekend. Martinez completed the most passes in the match with 97. It was Martinez's first start since the game against Mallorca in early March.

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