This is how Real Madrid players reacted to Mbappé's announcement, what they said of his possible arrival

Kylian Mbappé's announcement to leave PSG has caused reactions to many including Real Madrid players.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Kylian Mbappé looks up wearing a PSG shirt while the Real Madrid team celebrate a win together at the Santiago Bernabeu.
Kylian Mbappé looks up wearing a PSG shirt while the Real Madrid team celebrate a win together at the Santiago Bernabeu.
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Yesterday, Kylian Mbappé announced that he would leave PSG at the end of this season, which caused lots of speculation that his announcement to join Real Madrid would come very soon. In the past couple of months, it has been reported that he made his decision to leave PSG this summer, but now, with Mbappé's confirmation, many, including Real Madrid players, have reacted to the statement. Relevo reports that the video Mbappé released came as a surprise to Real Madrid, and the club did not know about the video. The locker room of Real Madrid players reportedly said, "We have more important things to think about," as the team is focused on the upcoming Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley Stadium on June 1st.

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Relevo continues to state that Real Madrid is delighted with the possibility of sharing a bench with Kylian Mbappé. Everyone wants to stay except Nacho. They are aware that next season could be historic. Due to the concentration of the Champions League final in a few weeks, Real Madrid will not make anything official before the Champions League final, according to Fabrice Hawkins.

From the Real Madrid locker room, the message is that they don’t even want to hear about Mbappé until June. The Spanish club thinks Kylian's farewell video could disturb their plan to wait until June, but many sources in Spain suggest no announcement of Mbappé's arrival will be made before the Champions League final. Mbappé being confirmed as a Real Madrid player could happen days after the Champions League final and before the start of the 2024 Euros since the player wants his future resolved before the international tournament.

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Luis Enrique's reaction to Mbappé's announcement

After a couple of months of denying knowing about Mbappé's future, PSG manager Luis Enrique reveals that they had known before. Enrique said, "We all knew that Kylian Mbappé was gonna leave PSG. No changes; it’s all the same for us. He has not yet said where he is going, but I think it is clear. I wish Mbappé all the best. I remain convinced that next season, we will be stronger. Mark my words. PSG will be stronger next season."

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