They won everything together at Man United, but Cristiano still unstoppable and this is how Wayne Rooney looks

Cristiano Ronaldo looks very different to his former teammate Wayne Rooney.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are together at Manchester United and Ronaldo seen happy at Al Nassr.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney were teammates at Manchester United, but their football trajectories were completely different. Ronaldo is still playing professional football, while Rooney is retired and has been a coach for a couple of teams over the years. Their former teammate at Manchester United, Gary Neville, talked about the difference in physique between Ronaldo and Rooney and explained why both of them look very different in terms of bodies. Neville says that Ronaldo is a complete athlete and Rooney was more eager to have a drink.

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Neville explained the differences between Ronaldo and Rooney by saying, "I say with all respect, Rooney had a square, strong body shape. But Ronaldo is different; while Cristiano had the physique of a middleweight boxer, Cristiano is in the gym every day doing pre-workout. Also, Cristiano stays after training and does all kinds of things, like ice baths, and he had all the things at his house.

Neville talks about Rooney and says, "To be fair, if you ask him, Rooney liked to drink and go out a bit, and his body shape was different, but they were both unbelievable players. Cristiano continued on his path and is still continuing until now. You have seen what he has achieved now, I mean it is unbelievable.”

Ronaldo's career at Manchester United displayed great numbers, along with his previous teams. He made 346 appearances for the English club, where he scored 145 goals and provided 64 assists.

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Wayne Rooney's numbers for Manchester United

Wayne Rooney is a legend of Manchester United, and he is the club's top goalscorer of all time. Rooney has made 559 appearances for the club. He scored 253 goals and has provided 143 assists. Rooney played 205 matches with Ronaldo at Manchester United.

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