The reason why Real Madrid wants to move their last match day in La Liga

Real Madrid could play another day in the last matchday of the La Liga season.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Florentino Perez wants Real Madrid's last game in La Liga to be moved another day.
Florentino Perez wants Real Madrid's last game in La Liga to be moved another day.
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Real Madrid are clear favorite to win La Liga this season, as they remain first in the league table with 65 points. Real Madrid has played 26 games out of the 38 games of the La Liga season and is already making plans ahead of the final matchday. The Spanish giants will look to win the league this season to bring another league title home and bring in more revenue for the club.

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In the Premier League and among most leagues in Europe, the last matchday includes all the teams in the league playing on the same day at the same time. Last season in La Liga, all the teams played on the same day, June 4th, on a Sunday. They did not play at the same time since the league was already resolved, as Barca won the league a few weeks before the last matchday.

Real Madrid wants to resolve the league title soon in order to change the date of their last matchday against Real Betis at home in the Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid is scheduled to take on Real Betis on Sunday, May 26. Real Madrid would like the game to be played on Saturday, May 25th, instead to make room for a big show the Bernabeu will host that includes a world-known singer.

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Taylor Swift will perform at the Santiago Bernabeu, and La Liga will allow Real Madrid to play on Saturday, May 25th

According to Relevo, La Liga has allowed Real Madrid to play the last game of the season vs Real Betis on Saturday, 25th May, so that Taylor Swift can host a second concert at the Bernabéu. Real Madrid received 450,000 ticket requests to watch Taylor Swift live at the Santiago Bernabéu. Real Madrid has asked to play matchday 38 on Saturday to have time to put on the concert, which will take place May 29-30.

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