The millions that Al Nassr loses for canceling China's tour for Ronaldo's injury

Al Nassr had to cancel the friendly tour in China due to Ronaldo's injury.

The millions that Al Nassr loses for canceling China's tour for Ronaldo's injury

It is the news that everyone is talking about, Al Nassr has canceled the tour of friendly matches in China due to an injury to Cristiano Ronaldo. The news did not sit well with fans in Asia, who were already preparing to fill each of the stadiums in which the legend was going to play.

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The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to China had generated an expectation that had not been seen for years, since the entire country was in suspense waiting for the games. Now, Al Nassr has given the worst possible news and Cristiano Ronaldo sent a message apologizing.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “I love this country. I love being here. I love being with you. I want to play for you. Please don't be sad, because I am too. I apologize to all the fans, but I can't play. “As you know, in football there are things you can't control. In 22 years I haven't had many injuries, so I'm very sad because Al Nassr and I came to enjoy this tour. “I have been coming here since 2003 or 2004, I feel at home here, I feel like it is my second home.”

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How many millions of dollars does Al Nassr lose?

The match had been agreed upon for months, and there was talk that China would have paid between 5 and 14 million dollars for the package of the two matches played as long as Cristiano Ronaldo plays. Now, it is money that Al Nassr has already lost.

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