The millionaire amount that Barca offers Xabi Alonso to betray Real Madrid

Barcelona have now set their mind to secure the arrival of Xabi Alonso

By Juan Macías

Xabi Alonso
Xabi Alonso
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The spanish team is looking for a new manager, and now it seems that they could have an idea that would include a betrayal in the next few months now.

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Barcelona already knows that they are going to have the need to sign a new manager as soon as the season ends, and the fact is that right now they are also looking for a manager that could take over and that has shown that he is able to really help the team in the next few months and now it seems that they have an idea to secure him.

Xabi Alonso is currently one of the managers that have been able to shock Europe with his Bayer Leverkusen team, and this has raised the interest of several teams that are now keen on the idea to sign him as their new manager now that he has shown that he has everything it takes to create a winning project but the idea to reach the Barcelona team might be complicated.

Barcelona knows that due to his past as a Real Madrid player it might not be easy to make the deal happen for the manager to make the deal, but now it seems that they are ready to put him on a 25 million euros per year contract and that would be the first thing to convince him right now.

On top of that it has been confirmed that the spanish team might be ready to sell enough players to actually give him at least 200 million euros as his budget as soon as he arrives to the team, and it seems that this would be the main deal that would allow him to reach the team in the next part of the season to make the deal happen now.

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And the fact is that while Xabi Alonso could also reach the Real Madrid with the great results that he has had so far, the Madrid team is keen on the idea to let Ancelotti finish his time with the team before making any decision.

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