The 622 million lesson given by Cristiano Ronaldo to Messi out of the pitch

The idols continue their race for being the best player in football history

By Mario Perez

Cristiano Ronaldo could be unreachable for Messi even outside the pitch.
Cristiano Ronaldo could be unreachable for Messi even outside the pitch.
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Real Madrid former striker Cristiano Ronaldo went under the spotlight in the last few hours after giving a shocking lesson to Lionel Messi in their rivalry for becoming the most popular and successful player in football history.

He was going to be the new CR7, but now he could sign with a team in Liga MX

The Portuguese superstar, who recently returned to the official competition in the Saudi Pro League with a great 2-1 win with Al Nassr against Al Fateh, started his new stage in the tournament with a goal for the Knights of Nadj following a sensational finish inside the box after being assisted by Otavio, which got the club fans crazy.

Meanwhile, Messi hasn’t started the MLS season yet, and he is looking forward to having a great season with Inter Miami, where he will play alongside his former FC Barcelona teammates Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba to compete for the title.

In this sense, Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn’t be only improving the Argentine icon’s activities on the field, but he would also be showing a great dominance over Lionel Messi off the pitch, where the Portuguese superstar gave a massive $622 million lesson to Inter Miami’s 36-year-old striker.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is unreachable for Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo leads the popularity in social media ahead of the Argentine icon, having over 622 million followers on Instagram, a really far amount from the 499 million followers reached by Messi these days. In this respect, both stars competed for Instagram popularity in a serie of surveys against 32 personalities including characters like Barack Obama, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Vladimir Putin, John Cena and Mr. Beast created by the advertising global group Pubity, and the results hailed Cristiano Ronaldo with 51% of the votes as the most popular person in Instagram’s world and an unreachable icon for Messi.

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