Thanks to Messi and Mbappé, the millionaire amount Neymar collected to keep demonstrating his humbleness in Brazil

With the help of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, Neymar makes a great gesture for the people of Brazil.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Neymar smiles with a black suit while Lionel Messi smiles wearing an Inter Miami jersey; Kylian Mbappé gives a thumbs up while wearing a PSG jersey.
Neymar smiles with a black suit while Lionel Messi smiles wearing an Inter Miami jersey; Kylian Mbappé gives a thumbs up while wearing a PSG jersey.
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Neymar Jr. has had a lot of free time due to his ACL injury, which he is still recovering from, but he made good use of his time as he is helping people in Brazil. With the help of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé's signed PSG shirts, the charity auction held by the Neymar Junior Institute broke the record and raised $3.9 million. The amount has doubled compared to 2023, when about $1.7 million was collected. In 2017, in the first issuance, the value amounted to $473K, and in 2018, $738K. The Brazilian star also had his signed shirts from PSG and FC Barcelona. Neymar was asked how it feels to help the children of Brazil by raining money for them. The Al Hilal star said, “There is no greater satisfaction when you arrive and see the children’s smile, you did this for them, so I am very happy.”

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Neymar’s kind gestures do not stop there as he continues to offer more help to the victims of the floods in the Rio Grande Do Sul. Neymar’s charity auction to help children raised $3 million. The player will donate another $3 million to Rio Grande do Sul. Neymar offered help before as he sent items for the victims by using his jets to transport food and material for the victims of the floods.

Neymar’s charity auction wrote about the event and said, “The 4th Neymar Jr. Institute Auction, for the benefit of the children in our project, has started! For us, it is exciting to see all the presenters, partners and guests together for our cause.” The Brazilian star also posted about the special night to a great cause in Brazil and even brought his baby daughter as well.

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How is Neymar’s recovery going?

During the event, many wanted to know how Neymar was doing with the recovery process and when to expect to see him back on the football pitch to play again. He has not played since last October, as he suffered an ACL injury with the Brazilian national team. Neymar said, “At the beginning of my injury, the doctors told me that I would return to playing after 6-7 months, but as more tests were done, the chance of re-injury decreasing if it took longer. So they are very careful. Rodrigo Lasmar, with the physiotherapist and also the Al Hilal doctor, are always in talks.”

Neymar does not want to risk another injury like that and said that he will return when he feels 100% ready. The Al Hilal star said, “Of course we want to come back as soon as possible but at the same time we are not in a rush. I want to come back when I’m 100% recovered. Thank you to all my family and friends who helped me, stayed close to me, motivated me, and helped me get through all of this. Today I am very happy, excited to be back right away, I am committed, and I am training almost every day until I can be back 100%.”

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