Surprise at Old Trafford, he fell out with Ten Hag and could now retire

This player surprises everyone and is close to retirement

By Luis Zamora

This player surprises everyone and is close to retirement
This player surprises everyone and is close to retirement
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Uncertainty surrounds David De Gea in this winter market. At 33 years of age, the Madrid goalkeeper finds himself in an unusual situation for a player of his caliber and experience. Despite being one of the most outstanding goalkeepers of the last decade and having amassed 13 titles in his career, De Gea has decided to stay away from the pitch since his last appearance in the FA Cup final in June 2023.

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This decision has surprised many, as it is not due to injury or lack of offers. In fact, during this winter transfer window, there have been rumors of possible destinations for De Gea at big-name clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Real Betis, as well as offers from more exotic locations such as Saudi Arabia. Even Manchester United fans have expressed their desire to see him back in the team.

However, De Gea has stuck to his choice to take time away from the pitch, a decision that has baffled many. As AS reports, although there is speculation about a possible premature retirement, his impressive track record, multiple individual awards and extensive experience with Atletico Madrid, Manchester United and the Spanish national team suggest that he still has much to offer the soccer world.

De Gea close to retirement

The clock is ticking on the winter transfer window, and the question mark over De Gea's future remains. As the days go by, the fate of the talented Spanish goalkeeper remains a question mark that keeps soccer fans and observers around the world on tenterhooks.

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