Shocking reply, Chelsea manager reveals what owners said after Wolves defeat

Chelsea have lost two games in a row in the Premier League.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Mauricio Pochettino still believes to turns things around for Chelsea.
Mauricio Pochettino still believes to turns things around for Chelsea.
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Chelsea are in another poor run of form in the Premier League. After losing 4-1 to Liverpool last week, Chelsea lost again during the weekend against Wolves 4-2 at home. Many Chelsea fans believed that was the last straw for Mauricio Pochettino, but it was the total opposite.

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has struggled to have Chelsea in the top positions in the Premier League table. Chelsea are 11th in the league table with 31 points. Wolves go above Chelsea after the 4-2 win against them. Chelsea are 13 points below a Europa League spot and 15 points below a Champions League spot. Despite the poor results, Pochettino has the trust of Chelsea's ownership. Chelsea would have to pay 10 million pounds if they were to sack Poch in the middle of the season. Chelsea is verging to breaching financial rules as they need to gain 100 million pounds before the end of June.

Pochettino talked about patience for the positive results and looks forward to winning a possible trophy against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final later this month. Pochettino says, "I’m disappointed with the way that we performed as it wasn't the plan, the way we wanted to compete. We need to keep going, we cannot lose focus after two defeats. The fans need to be patient. We need to find a way to succeed. We need the support; of course, we are demanding the support of the team and players. I know the quality of the players. It takes time to build a team. It's the reality."

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Mauricio Pochettino reveals that the Chelsea owners are supporting him despite losing 4-2 against Wolves

After rumors of Chelsea looking for replacements, Pochettino reveals that the Chelsea owners will support him even though the team is struggling in the league. There will be extra pressure to turn things around for the remainder of the season. Pochettino says, "We are all together in this. That is the most important. They are in contact with me, every day. I received a very good text after the game against Wolves from the owners. We’re all together in this!"

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